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Azatrol EC Biological Insecticide - OMRI Listed

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Product Description

By PBI Gordon Professional Turf & Ornamental Products

Active Ingredient:  Azadirachtin 1.2%

For Application Rates See:  Product Label

Biological Insecticide, Repellent, Antifeedant and Insect Growth Regulator

Botanical Product for Control of Insects on Indoor and Outdoor Vegetables, Ornamental Flowers, Trees, Shrubs, and Plants.

Azatrol is a broad spectrum botanical product for control of insects and mites on indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, shrubs, flowers, garden vegetables, fruit and nut trees. Azatrol offers an array of effects by acting as a repellent, anti-feedant, insect growth regulator and ovipositioning deterrent. As a molting inhibitor, it prevents insect larvae from developing into adults. Insects will feed less or not at all on treated foliage, ultimately starving to death, they will also fail to mature and reproduce. This complexity also makes it impossible for an insect's resistance to develop - Low odor and OMRI listed.

Azatrol is OMRI listed and poses no harm to the environment or us. It contains the main ingredient Azadirachtin A and B. It also contains over 300 different Liminoids which also have insecticidal properties. It all comes from the Neem kernel. They use a cold water extraction process to isolate the Azadirachtin. The left over Neem fats and oils are sold off to other companies to make other products. Azatrol contains no neem oil, fats, or bitters. It won't affect taste, color, or aroma and can be used to the day of harvest. Unlike neem oil it completely dissolves in water.

Once they have extracted the Azadirachtin it is collected in a powder form that is imported to the US and turned into a concentrated liquid. It has a two year shelf life in the concentrated form. It is almost impossible for an insect to form a resistance to the product. It is not an instant knock down killer. The bugs have to eat it for it to work. It will not harm beneficial insects since they don't eat plant tissue. It can be used as a foliar spray as well as in the res. Plants will take it up into their tissue and it will last there for a few weeks in most cases. The slower a plant grows the longer it stays in the tissue.

Usage recommendations

Use it on plants used for cuttings consistently (water it in and spray at least once every two weeks. If pest pressure is high use it more often)

The rate for the res is 1 ounce per 10 Gallons of water. Fill the res and add nutrients. Take a clean bucket and mix all the Azatrol you need for the res to a gallon or two of water. Mix well and add that solution to the res. pH and you are good to grow. Note Azatrol may add 100 to 200 ppm to the total. Only add it to a res when you change out the tank. Never top off with it. For soil or run to waste water with Azatrol once per week. Begin treating plants as soon as they are well rooted. It can be used up until flush.

As a foliar at 7 to 10 ml per QT for light pest pressure. Spray every 7-14 days pH at 6.0 with a wetting agent.

For heavy pest pressure 15 ml per QT and spray every 3 to 4 days pH at 6.0 with a wetting agent. You can mix it stronger with caution. Test a plant before you treat the whole crop on higher usage rates. Spray everything you mix within 24 hours. It is organic and will begin to become less potent once mixed (if you try to store it mixed).

Not recommend spraying with anything past the 4th week of a 12/12 cycle due to the possibility of mold. Other than that it would be fine.

How it works

Azatrol keeps an insect from generating a growth hormone in its brain. This affects its ability to grow, to molt, or to create cocoon, even if an insect reaches that point in its life. It is an anti-feedant. You can tell this is happening if you look at a spider mite abdomen. It will begin to turn dark brown or black if you look at it under a 30X microscope. Any easy way to view mites is with scotch tape. Catch them on scotch tape and they can't run away. It will be easy to tell when the Azatrol starts to work. Shortly after you'll notice that the bugs aren't moving around anymore. You may still see them on plants, but they will be paralyzed. Then they simply fall off the plants.

Azatrol disrupts insects ability to lay eggs.

It works on everything from fungus gnats, whiteflies, caterpillars, spider mites, aphids, thrips, and the list goes on and on.

It takes 3 to 4 weeks to rid you garden of pests. After that a normal maintenance regimen will be all that is required.

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