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5.0% Pyrethrin + 25.0% PBO



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10.0% Permethrin




10.0% Permethrin + 10.0% PBO


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Sector Concentrate
Price: $97.00
Sector Concentrate
Top selling insecticide for misting systems. Sector Mosquito Misting Concentrate. Only $99.00 per 1/2 gallon. Kills mosquitoes, flies, spiders and more. Permethrin with PBO kills insects fast.
BarnBan Odor Elinminating Spray Concentrate
BarnBan Odor Eliminating Spray Concentrate
MSRP: $24.95
Price: $14.95
You Save: $10.00 (40 %)
BarnBan Odor Eliminating Spray Concentrate
For Use in: HOME, BARN, KENNEL, STABLE, WAREHOUSE Not a cover-up! BarnBan Eliminates foul odor in your barn, kennel, stable, or home. Add to your automatic misting systems; added with insecticides or used alone as a surface spray.
PBO Synergist
MSRP: $138.00
Price: From $30.00 to $140.00
PBO Synergist
PBO is the active ingredient Piperonyl Butoxide. PBO is an emulsifiable concentrate for use as an additive in insecticides and acaricides to improve efficacy on insects and mites. PBO increases the rate of eliminating pests.
Permethrin 13.3% Qt
Price: $24.50
Permethrin 13.3% Qt
Termiticide/insecticide for use outdoors on and around homes and other structures. One treatment should last 5 years if treated soil is left undisturbed
Riptide 5-25 (Pyrethrin)
Price: $109.00
Riptide 5-25 (Pyrethrin)
Riptide is for use indoors and outdoors and is less harmfull to landscape plants and foliage. Riptide has no oil and leaves no oil residue. Kills biting insects including ticks, mosquitoes and flies. Economical to use compared to other pyrethrin sprays.
VECTOR-BAN PLUS Misting Insecticide
Price: From $66.95 to $342.00
VECTOR-BAN PLUS Misting Insecticide
VECTOR-BAN PLUS is the perfect refill for a 55 gallon automatic mosquito misting systems or tankless system. Residential and Barn misting systems. Great product for flies, mosquitoes, spiders and more. Contains 10% Permethrin, 10% PBO synergist
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